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Nerd HQ's Festival Must Haves

Nerd HQ's Festival Must Haves

It's that time of year again! With under two weeks left until Electric Picnic, it's time to shake the old socks out of your tent and start getting organised... well, maybe not organised, but prepared. Festivals are mucky, dirty and sticky affairs and that's what we all love about them! They allow even the most high maintenance of us to let loose and proudly parade around without having showered in days. When it comes to festivals, you obviously want to bring as little as physically possible whilst still being comfortable... showing off your wild side doesn't mean you have to be a complete cavehooman. 

Here at Nerd HQ, we've put together our list of things that you need to have (and might forget) for Electric Picnic (and any other festival, for that matter)...


Wellies are the obvious one and they're what everyone thinks of when they think festival. But we mean a real, solid pair of wellies, none of those flimsy, half-length fashion wellies. Of course, being stylish and on-trend is important but what's also important is not going home with pneumonia or gangrene!!! 


In the last few years, you shouldn't ever be caught dead at a festival without the obligatory silver-speckled cheekbones. Just be careful it doesn't get absolutely everywhere because you'll be picking it off your jeans for the next seven years - trust us, we know. We adore Wet'N'Wild's Color Icon Glitter Single in Spiked because it's not gritty little bits of pigment, it's more like a soft paste meaning it won't scratch your skin!!!


Floor Mat

People who don't bring floor mats when camping are mad people who should not be trusted. Having enough blankets and a sleeping bag are givens but the key to not waking up with a creaky back is the humble floor mat. It doesn't even have to be a real floor mat, it can be a yoga mat or a pilates mat - anything that separates your back from the cold, hard ground!


Dry Shampoo 

Who cares about hair looking greasy? It's the feeling of stringy, oily locks that ruins your festival buzz. Who has time to queue two hours for the shower though? Make sure to stock up on more than enough dry shampoo. Kevin Murphy's FRESH.HAIR Cleaning Spray is perfect as it doesn't weigh down the hair like other dry shampoos tend to. 


You can put all of your troubles aside for the weekend, but you can never stop the sun. Remember that SPF isn't just for heated sunlight, it's for all sunlight so pack factor 50 for your face and at least 30 for your body in case we get one of those nearly mythical sunny weekends. BrushOnBlock is a mineral-based, powdered SPF that comes in a very portable format making it easy for top ups when you're standing in even the largest of crowds. 


Waterproof Phone Cover

There's no point in bringing a portable phone charger if you end up getting water in your raincoat pocket and destroying it FOREVER! Get yourself one of those kind of nerdy waterproof phone pouches to protect your baby, besides, what's wrong with being nerdy?!


And, naturally....

Cleanse Off Mitt

You're realistically going to be wearing long-wear, military grade makeup all weekend. Instead of letting your skin suffer by wearing it all night or dehydrating the bejaysus out of it with baby wipes, take your Cleanse Off Mitt and a bottle of water with you. You can remove your makeup from the comfort of your tent with minimal effort, just give your Cleanse Off Mitt a quick scrub in the morning with antibacterial soap and hang it up to dry and it's ready to go again. 



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