Why Makeup Wipes Are Bad For Your Skin

Why Makeup Wipes Are Bad For Your Skin


I cannot count how many times over the years people have asked me my opinion on using makeup wipes but I can tell you that every time, the answer is: “DON’T!!!”. The world of beauty has adapted so much over the last few decades, especially when it comes to the creation of products for the purpose of ease. Everyone wants to be able to take their makeup off as simply and effectively as possible but makeup wipes come with a price: that price is your skin health.

Makeup "remover" wipes are a bit of a misnomer, as they don't really remove a whole lot. Think of all of the places you are in throughout the day: on the street, in public bathrooms, at the gym, in nightclubs... the list goes on! When you use makeup wipes, all of the grime your skin has gathered from these places as well as your old makeup and natural facial oils are pushed around your face.

Yes, makeup wipes remove some of your makeup but they don't come close to removing all of it! When you leave residual makeup, oils and grime on your skin, all of the debris clogs your pores and prevents products like toners and exfoliators from properly penetrating the skin's upper layers. If you're starting your skincare routine with a wipe, everything that comes after is essentially pointless.

But makeup wipes have other very negative effects on your skin...

Time for the nerdy bit:


  • Makeup wipes strip the skin of its natural oil and protective layer (AKA the skin’s own ecosystem), allowing particles in and out of the skin that shouldn’t be going in or out. This severe stripping ages the skin, and as the skin is exposed, future problems with pigment are a likelihood.


  • Although not true of all makeup wipes, a lot of brands include alcohol or methylated spirits. These ingredients are far too drying and strip away your skin's acid mantle. When this happens, your skin will become dehydrated, meaning it will be itchy, tight and flaky - ouch!!


  • The fragrances and irritants found in many makeup wipe brands can sensitise your skin, leaving it red and sore. If you’ve ever felt a sting after using makeup wipes, this is due to the irritants and alcohol in them. 


  • Because makeup wipes leave residual oils and makeup on your skin, your cores become clogged and you may experience congested skin and breakouts which is probably the last thing you want. 


    If you’ve ever used a makeup wipe (let’s not lie, we all have at some stage), you’ll have noticed that using wipes can take a little bit of scrubbing and rubbing to get it all off. This friction irritates the skin even further!

    Just because makeup wipes are a no-go doesn’t mean that all quick fixes are bad for your skin. Our Cleanse Off Mitt is chemical-free, and quick and easy to use. The teeny-tiny microfibre loops gently scoop the debris from your pore. No need to worry if your skin is sensitive, dry, oily or combination, as the Cleanse Off Mitt is suitable for all skin types. For complete skin cleanliness, follow it up with your regular cleanser.

    If you want to prevent the signs of ageing on your skin and keep your skin hydrated and clear, keep the wipes for removing coffee stains from your blouses on your way into work and keep them away from your face!!!