1. How does Cleanse Off Mitt work?

The tiny loops of microfibre material are the same diameter as each individual human head hair. These tiny loops manage to break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin's surface, gently hooking the oil and removing debris. The Cleanse Off Mitt is fully free of any product and causes no irritation. All you need to do is add water to the mitt and let its mechanical nature scoop the debris from the pore. 

2. How is it different to a regular facecloth?

    A traditional facecloth is one-dimensional, whereas the Cleanse Off Mitt contains tiny loops of microfibre material. This means that the facecloth does not have the ability to ‘scoop’ or ‘hook’ the makeup off gently. Traditional facecloths are known to harbour more bacteria due to their more dense fabric and inability to hang dry. 

    3. How do I use Cleanse Off Mitt?

      The Cleanse Off Mitt can be used as many times daily as you wish.

      1. Place your hand inside Cleanse Off Mitt
      2. Place Cleanse Off Mitt under warm/tepid water (the water can be hot, but remember that extreme water temperatures are not ideal for skin health)
      3. Squeeze the excess water from Cleanse Off Mitt
      4. Place Cleanse Off Mitt onto the skin and wipe downwards/ sidewards and gently remove the day's oil, makeup and debris from the surface of the skin
      5. Once you have finished removing all dirt and debris from the skin, quickly wash Cleanse Off Mitt with antibacterial soap before rinsing all soap products from it. Then hang to dry with the loop provided.

      Please note as an added option you could choose to wash Cleanse Off Mitt in the washing machine in a wash below 30 degrees. We recommend doing this once a week.

      You do not have to have makeup on the skin in order to use this product; everyone – men, women and children – are exposed to pollution and oil, and Cleanse Off Mitt is ideal for removing this at the end of the day.

      Cleanse Off Mitt can also be used as a pre-cleansing step before using your favourite cleansing product, or even to apply your cleanser to ensure a more thorough cleanse. 

      4. What is a pre-cleansing step?

        It is fine to use the Cleanse Off Mitt without a cleanser – reports show it removes 95% of makeup. Reports show that majority of people don’t use enough cleanser and only remove 95% of makeup – so the results are comparable. However, using the Cleanse Off Mitt to remove makeup and dirt from the skin before following up with a cleanser means that you are more likely to get completely clean skin. You will also use less product, saving you money in the long term. 

        5. Why is Cleanse Off Mitt better than a cotton pad for makeup removal?

          Cotton wool contains silicon fibres and wood fibres, which are known to irritate and slightly scuff the skin. If you have reactive, sensitive, acne, eczema, red, sensitive or irritated skin this could worsen your skin condition in the long term. 

          6. Why is Cleanse Off Mitt better than splashing water?

          Although the large house beauty companies promote splashing the face with water in their visuals, this is not a good method of removing cleanser. But the Cleanse Off Mitt’s tiny loops have the ability to scoop out dirt, makeup and debris from the skin quickly and effectively with just water. 

          7. Why should I not use face/baby wipes?

            Disposable wipes tend to contain harsh astringent preservatives and sometimes contain a high content of alcohol, which will remove all natural oils from the skin. This may sound like a good idea, particularly if you have excess oil. However, this oil is needed to lubricate the skin, and more importantly, forms part of the protective acid mantle. Without the oil there, bacteria is allowed to breed and the skin is more receptive to pathogens, light, irritation and the environment. It is not respecting the skin. In addition, by stripping the oil, your body will react by producing more oil, and if you are prone to oily skin, this is not a desired result. 

            8. How do I clean the Cleanse Off Mitt hygienically?

              It is advisable to wash the Cleanse Off Mitt with antibacterial soap immediately after use. Then, rinse the soap out, wring the mitt out and use the little hook to hang to dry.

              We also advise to place Cleanse Off Mitt into the washing machine at 30 degrees or less once a week. Turn Cleanse Off Mitt inside out first, as this will help keep intact the loops to remove makeup. 

              9. How long should Cleanse Off Mitt last?

                The Cleanse Off Mitt will last years if you take good care of it. To ensure optimum results, we suggest you change it every three to five months – at a retail price of only €5.95, this is tremendous value for money.

                10. What are the main points to note about Cleanse Off Mitt?

                  • An Irish-owned award-winning reusable microfibre mitt designed to rival face wipes without the use of chemicals.
                  • It breaks the surface tension that exists between the skin and the makeup and oil. It is chemical free, safe and effective.
                  • The Cleanse Off Mitt differs from a traditional facecloth thanks to its fine microfibre technology that has the ability to scoop out makeup and debris with just water.
                  • The mitt can be used daily alone or as a pre cleanser before your regular cleanser.
                  • Wash immediately after use with a bacterial soap and weekly in a 30-degree washing machine cycle.
                  • It is advisable to change the mitt every three to five months.
                  • All ages, genders and ethnicities can use the mitt. It is suitable for all skin conditions. 

                  If you have more questions about Cleanse off Mitt, please email us at info@cleanseoffmitt.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.