Why You Should Be Double Cleansing

Why You Should Be Double Cleansing

If you're a COMvert, you probably know all about double cleansing. The Cleanse Off Mitt is the ideal first step of a cleansing routine and in our eyes, the Cleanse Off Mitt is best used alongside a cleanser. It's very simple to make a claim like that without explaining why but that ain't how we roll at Nerd HQ. 

What is Double Cleansing? 

The key to double cleansing is in the name. In a double cleanse, there are 2 steps: removing makeup (with your Cleanse Off Mitt) and a more thorough cleanse. You use your Cleanse Off Mitt to take off your makeup so that your cleanser can get to your skin without there being anything in the way.  

double cleanse cleanse off mitt

What are the Benefits to Double Cleansing? 

Number 1: your skin is cleaner. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. Using the Cleanse Off Mitt removes all visible makeup from your skin but if you are a makeup-wearer, there are possibly still traces of makeup and an accumulation of oils in your pores. Traces of makeup + accumulated oils = possible breakouts. When you follow up with a more traditional cleanser, you ensure that absolutely everything is off your face!

Makeup and oils aren't the only things on your face when it comes to skincare routine time. When you walk around outdoors (and indoors too, depending), you're essentially walking through a big cloud of pollution. We cannot guarantee that a double cleanse helps you at all when it comes to pollution and your skin but logically, it has to be more efficient than a single cleanse in this respect. 

The second step of your double cleansing routine is usually your treatment step. Your cleanser may have active ingredients, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, or be enriched with vitamins or emollients, for example. Your cleanser will be much more effective when it can cleanse and work into your pores without having to remove your makeup too! It is kind of like why you hoover before you mop - your floor will be cleaner if you mop without hoovering but it MAY not be the most effective way to do it. 

Your Second Cleansing Step

When we say cleanser, we mean a wash, a foaming cleanser, a gel cleanser, a cream cleanser or whichever one suits your skin the best. The cleanser you should be using depends on your individual skin concerns and your skin type. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, your cleanser will contain ingredients that break down sebum and control oil. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, your cleanser will be packed full of things that will pump your skin with moisture and help your skin to keep its own moisture in. 

double cleanse cleanse off mitt

The Cleanse Off Mitt Double Cleanse Routine

Step 1: Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. If you have bacteria on your hands and you don't wash them, you just transfer that bacteria to your Cleanse Off Mitt AND your face. Not ideal. 

Step 2: Rinse your COM in warm water, wring it out and pop your hand in it. 

Step 3: Working outwards and downwards from the centre of your face (for lymphatic drainage), swipe the COM across your face gently and use the same side to remove your eye makeup too.

Step 4: Rub an acorn-sized amount of cleanser onto your face with your fingers for 60 seconds. 

Step 5: Do the COM Roll - flip your Cleanse Off Mitt over to the other side and remove your cleanser thoroughly using the mitt. 

Et voilà - you've done the COM-certified Double Cleanse Routine that all of us here in Nerd HQ do each night. COMsider yourself part of the family!

Are you not a COMvert yet? Get your mitts on the Cleanse Off Mitt from any of our amazing stockists or on our online store

Nerd HQ's Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Nerd HQ's Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Christmas is fast approaching at this point and it's time to start filling those stockings if you haven't already... let's be real, nobody is 100% prepared just yet. There are still 'i's to dot and 't's to be crossed but do not fret - we're here with our festive favourites to take the hassle out of your last-minute shop! Hot Stuff Thermal Mug 

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland's L.A. vibes are perfect to brighten up your loved one's January and who doesn't need a travel mug for bringing that green tea on the go? This Rose Parade Thermal Mug costs only €12.95! 


Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm


top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

This lip balm is our office go-to as it is, by name and nature, ultra-nourishing and so it is ideal for these blustery Winter months. If that's not enough, "rêve de miel" means "dream of honey"... awwww. It is €12.00, which is a bit above the average lip balm price, but we can testify that it lasts absolute yonks and it is so good that the user will actively try not to lose it.


Yon-ka Lotion Travel Size 

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

Stuff their stocking with Spritz O'Clocks on the go! The travel size Lotion Yon-ka is key for the friend who is always awaitin' skin hydratin', whilst still being a busy bee. It can be popped into car doors, handbags, manbags or just on to one's desk. Full of essential oils, it is a wellness retreat in a can for €17.50. 


Human+Kind Body Wash

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

It smells fantastic, it's completely natural and it is Irish! The Human+Kind Orange Body Wash is a steal at €7.95 and it is a definite upgrade on the overly-sensitising, fragranced body washes of times gone. It is the citrusy shower friend that all will be happy to find on Christmas morning! 

Seoulista Instant Facial Sheet Masks 

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

If someone were to ask any of Nerd HQ what they'd like to receive the most of, we would all say sheet masks. We can't get enough of them, especially the Seoulista Instant Facials. Choose from Charcoal Detox, Brightening, Correct & Calm or Super Hydration. Each mask costs €8.99. 

Pukka Cleanse Tea 

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

Not only is the Pukka Cleanse Tea deliciously fennel-y and minty but it gets your skin glowing from within and it smells better than most scented candles we know! As a bonus, it is only €3.45 per box. 


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

Spritz No. 2 on our list... okay, but you can never be TOO obsessed with Spritz O'Clock. However, this is a Spritz of a different breed. The Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist is an SPF that can be applied before or after makeup which makes it a game-changer in light protection. It is so handy for SPF top-ups throughout the day and it is only €14.99 for a 75ml bottle. 

TanOrganic Tanning Oil 

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

TanOrganic is not just a sunless tan, it is a skin tan. Not only will it give your glow-loving pal a bronze sheen, but it will nourish and hydrate their skin at the same time. Now, that's a concept we can get behind. The oil is €24.99 and glides on like a cream never could. Oh, and it is Irish too! 


Dermalogica Mini Special Cleansing Gel

top 10 stocking fillers Ireland

A mini cleanser is the stocking filler to get for those frequent flyers, mini breakers and gym goers in your life and the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel cleanses all skin types without stripping the skin. Not only that but it goes excellently alongside the Cleanse Off Mitt. The 50ml cleanser goes for €13.10!

Cleanse Off Mitt 

Surprise! Of course the Cleanse Off Mitt is our must-have stocking filler - it is the best accompaniment to a cleanser, any other skincare product or, well, anything. Everyone of all genders, ages and skin types has to wash their face, so why not give the gift of easy, skin-friendly cleansing this Christmas? 


Get your mitts on the Cleanse Off Mitt here or at pharmacies, salons and clinics nationwide!